Imperishable Petals : A Monologue of a Gardener

Dharani Bharat
2 min readMay 25, 2023


As I was rambling through my garden in the golden hours I Witnessed the new sprouts coming through, buds popping of their stems, the leaves shakes their hands with newly blossomed flowers . The Buzzy bees and giggling sparrows landed all over the park, all of a sudden the park was busy by the new visitors and spectators.

I was mused to see how uniquely each petal has its own pattern but still give same fragrance and untied in a single flower.

Then I questioned myself what for I mused of the uniqueness of the these imperishable petals, after all I am strict disciplinary gardener of this part of the land. Soon after I discontentedly walk back with thoughts by thinking of the owners of these plants, who wants to sniff the aroma of their own choice. Not of the ignorance but negligence. We have greed with which we won't agree, by thinking to have more than what we need.

These discontented thoughts vaporized my ideas to flourish the ecology of the garden. I have a dream that one day all those evaporated ideas of mine will condense and brings the showers of renaissance of thoughts and go round to all gardeners, and the owners of those imperishable petals.

I wish they too get mused of the nature of nature and let the petals to be imperishable of thoughts, ideas and innovations.